Hooded Cat Litter Box Swing Door Scoop Doorsill Odor Filter Large Covered Closed

$75.00 ex. VAT

Large Hooded Cat Litter Box with Plastic Scooper Swing Door Odor Filter
includes free shovel.
Odor Filter included.
22″x 15″x17″
56 cm x 40 cm x 43 cm
Spacious,sturdy and functional.
Doorsill feature would clean the paws and keep the litter inside the box.
Handle on top to lift and carry.
Latches hold the top and bottom together.
Swing Door provides privacy, reduces odor.
High Polished finished plastic material is odor and stain resistant. It can be washable with mild soap and warm water.
Some Assembly needed.
available colors: Lilac,pink,orange,blue,gray,white.


hooded cat litter box with swing door and doorsill odor filter comes with a free shovel.

Dimensions 22″ L X 15.7″ W X 16.9″ H

Odor and Stain resistant plastic.

Flap entry door reduces odor and keeps litter in.

Top carry handle for portability.

Removable top for easy  and quick clean up.

how to use: place 3 inches of litter in the box and clean regularly.


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Weight N/A

Blue, Gray, Lilac, Orange, Pink, white

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