Bird Cage Auto Feeder Seed Food Dispenser Parakeet, Canary

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Bird food auto gravity feeder for cage / aviary.

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Bird cage auto feeder prevents mess collects the husks.
White transparent Bird Cage Smart Feeder prevents mess.
Height 6 inches length 4 inches width 3 1/2 inches
We call it smart feedbox!
Assembly: smart feedbox comes in a carton box.
Open the box take out the feeder.
When you open the top white lid you will see white perch and transparent bottom drawer. take them out.
Place the white perch at the front of the smart feeder as seen in the photos.
Place the bottom drawer as seen on the photos at the bottom of the feeder.
It is ready to use!
Usage: Just open the top white lid fill it with bird food. Close the lid and install the smart feeder in or outside of the cage.
Keeps the uneaten seeds and hulls in the bottom drawer keeps the cage clean. You just need to empty the bottom drawer regularly.

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in
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