Fish Breeder Box Aquarium Nursery Spawn Hatchery Double Isolation

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Fish breeder box. Nursery Dual Isolation box 8*3 1/2* 4

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Fish Breeder Box;
Aquarium nursery dual Breeding box (dual /double /two way ) and 2 suction cups

Removable center divider will allow you to breed more than  one species at the same time.

height 4 inches

depth 3 1/2 inches

bottom width 5 1/2 inches

top width 8 inches

Provides ease of use with floating design, in addition it can be attached using the provided suction cups.

suitable for all types of fish.

It can also be used for ; Quarantine injured fish, isolate agressive fish,house other aquatic pets,provide transition habitat for newly arrived fish.

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